(These resources are for our Snap team only. No income claims are being made or promised)


WARNING... Do NOT Take This Perfect "Timing" and "Opportunity" for Granted!!  We have a potential GOLDMINE opportunity... Right Here, Right NOW!!  No Excuses!




No income promises, but if you work at it, 4, 5, 6, and even 7+ figures can potentially be earned within weeks to several months.  Work hard NOW before others catch on to how THIS is the BEST of the BEST ways to make one wealthy, with virtually no investment, or lots of time invested. I encourage you to take MASSIVE  ACTION!! (How sad it may be if you let it pass you by)


The KEY is to actually... TAKE CONSISTENT ACTION!!   And, keep this super SIMPLE. 


"How," you ask? 

There are TWO ways to earn here.  First, and most important (and it's free to become a referral agent), is getting the ERC opportunity to "businesses," and second, "building a team" that will get the ERC to businesses. You should do both, but team building is optional.


TALK ABOUT SIMPLE!! On the ERC to Businesses part... you simply get business decision-makers to watch the 5-minute video that SNAP FINANCIAL owner, Tony Swantek, recorded! Do it again and AGAIN!!  When you join the team thru your sponsor's link, you'll find it in your new back-office. The link you'll use is called, "Refer ERC Clients."  It gives you a special personal tracking link so you get credit for earned commissions. Note: Make sure to check that it's "your" link before using it. There are many different ways to reach business owners, see below.


On the Team Building part... use the "Refer Agent" referral link for business builders to build your 5-level (plus bonuses) team.  It's basically that simple!!


WANT SUPER SUCCESS? Then become a Master Inviter (basically, that's just getting a lot of people to look at the business opportunity and/or ERC available funds).  Let the "systems" DO THE WORK FOR YOU (Meaning, the "selling of the opportunities" (Building your team AND funding businesses). Do not try to "sell" these by yourself, that is a big mistake as it's not duplicatable, and usually not nearly as successful. Use the video mentioned above and then let the specialists at corporate answer questions and close the deal for you. You can use our team page ( ) to help build your team.


Follow up with your prospects.  Of course, you'll want to continue bringing team members in, as well as businesses.  Consistency is a major key to success.


Again... Don't overthink this, don't make it complicated, it's not.  And, do it now, while the funds are still in the US Treasury.


Great Businesses to Start With!!

The vast majority of these should qualify to get ERC Funds.

  • Your Warm Leads (The Best are the people you know)

  • Referrals (Next Best is to ask for referrals)

  • Auto Dealers 

  • Restaurants 

  • Assisted Living Facilities

  • Nursing Homes

  • Hotels

  • Medical Clinics (smaller hospitals)

  • Accountants (and Bookkeepers)

  • Schools (Private)

  • Banks (and Credit Unions)

  • Factories

  • Churches (and non-profits)

The "Pitch" (Phone and Email)

Keep in mind that this is a "number's game," so the more decision owners you share this with, the more success you'll have. There are a variety of ways to get to them (see below). Keep your introduction very simple, and push them to the 5-minute video overview by COO/Co-owner Tony Swantek and let him do the presentation for you. Remember, the decision maker does not have time to "chit chat," so get right to the point. In fact, don't even ask if they have heard of the ERC? Rather, cut right to the chase and mention the money right away, as you'll see in the first line below. You could say via phone call (or email) something like the stuff below to the decision maker... 


Headline Samples: 

- IRS (actually) has up to $26K for EACH of your employees...


- And the Winner is...  YOU!!  (IRS actually paying small businesses in your city)


- Get Your IRS/ ERC Refund NOW

- Please watch this 5-min. video

Sample Phone Opener:

Hi, my name is (name), I'm with Jorns and Associates and we ​work with the CARES ACT "ERC" program to ​provide pandemic relief funds to US businesses for the years 2020 and 2021. I’d like to speak to the owner or general manager, please.  


Then, if not available, try to get transferred to at least a voicemail of a decision maker. 

Body of Email (Edit to fit your personality if this is a "phone" call):


"Hey (name), did you get your ERC money from the IRS yet?" 


(If they say "YES," then ask if they know any business owners who may also want it, and get the referral(s)). 


If they say "NO," then you can say something like...

"The IRS is paying out as much as $26,000 per employee to businesses (non-profits) with up to 500 W2 employees. The national accounting firm I represent has gotten about 7,000 businesses across the US, approved for almost 4 Billion dollars since July of 2021, and averages about $21,000 for every employee. About 97% of the businesses we have reviewed for ERC processing, have been approved for refunds. So, for example, on average we're getting businesses (non-profits) with 25 employees, over $500,000 dollars. This is money they don't have to pay back and can use any way they want. Let me get you a short 5-minute video overview from the CPA firm's co-owner. This is the real deal. You'll definitely want to watch it as soon as you can, so you can get your refund from the government as soon as you can." 


Go to: (Your ERC "Client" link page)


Your Name and Contact Info.

(Obviously, if you're emailing or mailing this, you'd edit out a couple of the lines at the open.  It's a good idea to follow up with them in a day or two if you don't see them show up in your back-office. Edit to fit your personality).



Keep in mind... Just "one" completed deal will pay you thousands or more in commissions!


- Accounting Firms can be a really great team building strategy for you. Think about it, the businesses they do taxes for, trust them, and pay them to do their taxes. This can be a great added revenue stream for them (and "you"). It's a slam dunk. Go get 'em.


- Join Your Local Chamber of Commerce... Then, advertise with them to reach hundreds and even thousands of local businesses, fast. Go to their events and network. (Join other smaller local networking groups, like: Meet Ups)


- Set up a booth at local Trade Shows that business owners attend. Plus... Better yet, you could also visit local shows as an attendee and talk with business owners all in a few hours. Leave them with a flyer of course, and get their business card to follow up later.  This is a great way to connect with a hundred businesses in a few hours.


- Go business to business and talk to the decision maker (Owner, GM, CFO). Leave a card and/or flyer. Follow up with a text, call and email.


- CALL businesses. (Even hire a telemarketer, or a team of them).


- Send postcards to local businesses.

Find local commission salespeople who already call on business in person such as "merchant account reps," and "telemarketers," who actually enjoy working on commission, have the experience and contacts, and are good at it. Bring them on as Snap Financial agents on your team, or pay them commission from your commissions. Can be expanded across the entire US. (Place ads, go to Meet Up groups, ask around).

- Social Media such as: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter... to connect with businesses, and build a sales team while you're at it. 

- Influencers... can be great people to introduce this to. They have thousands, and some even millions of people who follow them. People who; know, like, and trust them. Youtube is a great source to find these. Also, if you do a Google search for influencers, you'll find sources like: where you can find all the influencers you want. 

- Local Weekly "Group" Meetings... Organize meetings weekly where local business owners can come hear the Snap Financial "ERC" opportunity for their business. Maybe even do a few luncheons (you buy their lunch). Play Tony's 5-minute video, show the powerpoint, answer questions, collect their business cards for follow up, hand out flyers, set up one-on-one follow up meetings. Of course ask them to hang around after the presentation at which time some may sign up with you. Do this solo, or with your team of agents. You can also use this format to build your team of referral agents.

The Important Thing is to TAKE ACTION, Consistently!! 



Other Stuff to Help You

To Login to Your Back Office:


Snap Financial (Official Corp. FACEBOOK Group)

Here's a great place to "ask questions" AND "give answers."


Our Team FACEBOOK Page (ERC Maniacs) You should visit daily.

Here's a great place to "ask questions" AND "give answers."

ERC TRAINING (and Tests to Qualify as "Manager" and get Certified)

This is Super Important!! The Employee Retention Credit Sales Professional Training! Access training modules here:  (You may need to use "Chrome" browser if you can't get in).

Marketing Materials (Flyers, biz cards, postcards)

Click on "Tools" in your SNAP back-office (Then on "Materials for You to Build Your Business," and scroll to the bottom.

Corporate Contact (for us Agents to ask questions) is, Karissa. 

Her email is: 


This is a "business," so please, please take our ERC training course (Details on the corporate FB group page (Snap Financial Official) first listed on 9/10/22, watch some live and recorded zooms, use our team Facebook group page (ERC Maniacs), and corporate Facebook page (Snap Financial Official), and learn all you can before sending her a bunch of questions that are available in these other areas.

Support... (at Snap/JornsERC)
Also Karissa at: 

Our Team "Opportunity" Overview Page (Generic Pitch to help build your team of referral agents): 

Live "Opportunity" Zoom (Every Thursday Night)


Top Earners and Executive Panel Discussion... 
Click to Watch... Snap/Jorns top earner (Earned over $50 million dollars in his first 12 "months") Doug Kolker speaks, followed by the executive panel. If you're serious about this business, this is a MUST WATCH for sure.


Overview and Training with Tony (and Mike Hall)... 
Click to Watch... Employee Retention Tax Credit Training (ERC) Training with (one of the owners and COO) Tony Swantek.

Taco Tuesday... Click Here to watch our live zoom training every Tuesday - 9PM EST. (Passcode: 264107)
Usually about ERC, however, cometimes about "Snap Delivered."


To Refer Team Members:

Your link to sign up new team members is at:

1) Click on the "My Referrals Link."

2) Then click on: "Refer Agent." 

(copy link to send out to prospective team members)

How to Sign Up a Business:

You just need to send them your “Refer ERC Client' link. Ask them to watch the owner’s 5-minute video and then fill in the form. This is basically all you do, unless you want to follow up, personally, or line up a call between them and a specialist at Jorns to answer their questionsOtherwise, somebody from corporate will contact  them within about 3 business days to answer their questions and close the deal for you. You gotta love that. 


How to Find Your Referral Link:
Go to 

1) Click on “My Referral Links.”

2) Copy the “Refer ERC Client” link.

3) Send that to the business. 

4) Follow up to make sure they received it. 


There is also a support ticket area in the back office, and a toll-free number to call​ (Ask your sponsor first)​


FAQ... We have an FAQ at the bottom of our personal "REFER ERC CLIENT" page​, that you send to businesses​. ​Make sure to read it yourself, too.​


ANOTHER FAQ... Here's a different FAQ on our team page at the bottom: 


SPANISH (5-MIN VIDEO for Buinesses)... 

VIMEO CHANNEL... (Copy and paste into your browser if link not working)

"ENGAGEMENT" LETTER... So you can read it for yourself, here's a copy of the "engagement" letter the business gets. (IMPORTANT NOTE: You do NOT send it to the client. It gets emailed to them during the sign-up process, which starts when the client first fills out the "Registration" form at your "ERC Client" page. Then they'll click "Click Here to Get Started," and the Engagement form will be emailed to them). They read it, sign it, and then pay their no risk, 100% fully refundable $2,600 down payment.​  Click Here  to see a copy. If for some reason it's not coming up for you, you can find it on the Snap Financial Facebook group page on the "files" page:




What to Email a Business (to Review the Snap Financial ERC Offer)

First, you'll email them your "Refer ERC Client" link (Simple instructions above. Double check and make sure it's "your" link you email). Preferably email the decision maker. Make sure they watch the 5-minute video from co-founder Tony Swantek. It's a great presentation and will do better than we can to present the ERC and close them. Then, the need to fill out the "Registration" form just under the video. Then they need to click on "CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED" button that shows up after they fill in the Registration Form. Then, they fill in their email address and it is emailed to them immediately (check spam if not showing up within 10 minutes or so). They read it, sign it, and submit their (100% refundable, no risk) $2,600 down payment. Then, Jorns will connect with them via email within two business days about the next steps to getting their ERC refunds. 


What to Do if You Need... a Call Between Jorns and One of Your Business Owners or Their Accountant?


If you are taking this business seriously, and you certainly should be, even if you're very part time... you should have taken the 4-module ERC training and then got certified. Thus, you should have enough answers to satisfy the decision maker. You'll know more about the ERC than their CPA for sure. However, if that's just not enough, you can set up a call with your sponsor, or leader in your upline, or me (Nick Hetcher) or Jorns Support: (Tell them you have a client who needs to talk to a specialist at Jorns)  /   Kurt Kelly    George Garza ), or book a call with the pros at corporate: Charles:   /  Jason:

(IMPORTANT:Please do not talk when these guys are talking to your prospect).  NEXT: SEE BELOW.



Ideally, you took the ERC training and got certified so you can close your own deals, however if not... and you need someone to talk to your business contacts about ERC just click one of the links below and schedule a time.


We have secured time with experts in the Jorns family and they have graciously agreed to take time out of their schedule to help our Snap Financial team. There are a few things that we must do to make sure we respect their time and make sure our prospects are ready for this call.


1. Make sure your prospects have watched the 5-minute video that Tony Swantek put together. This video is directly embedded when you use your referral link for ERC Merchants.  


2. Make sure you have properly set the stage for a great call by letting your contact know that the person they will be speaking with has helped hundreds if not thousands of people qualify for the ERC program and that we want to respect their time.


3. When the expert from Jorns is talking please make sure that you are not. This may sound like common sense but many people will get on a call and then not let the person that is on there to help them talk.


4. Make sure you take great notes and listen on every call because the sooner you can do your own calls the easier it will be to get your businesses qualified without waiting for one of our experts to be available.


5. Have fun and realize the more businesses you put into the program the closer you are to helping yourself and your businesses benefit from this once-in-a-lifetime program!


4% VS 40% Commission...

So, do we earn 4% or 40% commission on ERC deals? Actually, they are the exact same thing, just explained in different ways.


You'll also hear we earn 40% (and 4%) commissions on personal deals to a business.  The 40% figure is the "exact" same as the 4%, just calculating it differently.  That's 40% of the 10% that is paid to the referral agents from the total amount the business receives from the ERC program. Meaning, if a business has $1,000,000 coming, Jorns takes 20% and puts half of that (10% of the total) into the commission pool. The 4% is of the "gross total" the government owes the business ("before" Jorns takes our 20%).


So, in this example above, either calculation pays the referring agent $40K. 

Screen Shot 2022-08-06 at 10.16.31 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-06 at 10.16.52 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-06 at 10.17.11 PM.png


Screen Shot 2022-08-06 at 8.07.13 AM.png

Video Testimonials

YFC Testimo nial.jpg
You are NOT allowed to call any of the Jorn's testimonials.!! Period.
Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 3.49.06 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 1.48.37 PM.png
Heading 5

Killer Questions - Your Prospect Should Ask Their CPA (by John Zehr)

Yesterday I went knocking on some doors in a Business district. I would ask to speak to “whoever is most interested in free money”. It always got a laugh and created instant rapport. It worked quite well, to be honest. I'm starting to sow some seeds of doubt in the minds of the business owner. Many have heard a little bit about the ERC but they're not clear as to what it is and they’re not sure if they qualify. I’m working into my elevator pitch that there are three things they need to ask if their CPA if the CPA has mentioned the ERC.


Number ONE is to ask them... “How many ERC returns have you filed?” If it's less than a couple hundred, they might want to think twice about using that accountant.

Number TWO is... “What is your average per client check?” That's a metric they should know. If it's less than $20,000 they might want to think twice about using that CPA.

Number THREE question they should ask is... “Why didn't you tell me something about the ERC a year ago?” These three questions plant a seed of curiosity and doubt in the mind of the prospect and, if asked properly, will establish you as being one of “the good guys”.

Due Diligence Questions for the Business Owner (That We Are Prospecting) to Ask Their Financial Advisors (Such as their "Accountant"), if They Plan to Talk to Them Before Telling You, "YES, I'll Go With Jorns." (by John Zehr. Some additions by Nick)

Ask these questions of your financial advisors (Accountant) when discussing the ERC (Employee Retention Tax Credit). You could print these questions and leave it with them. You’ll be glad you did. And, so will your bank account. :-). Remember, your prospect wants the "biggest" refund they can get, so these are very important things to know.

"How many clients have you filed an ERC return for?"

The ERC return is "very" specialized and can be extremely time-consuming and there’s a learning curve associated with doing the filing. You don’t want to be a “practice” client. Jorns has filed for over 7K clients, getting about $4 Billion dollars in refunds for them. $567K each on average.


"What is your average ERC refund per W2 full-time employee?"

This is a metric that can easily be determined. It is easy for the preparer to divide the total amount of ERC funds paid to his clients by the number of employees. Jorns average is about $21K for each W2. Most of the competition averages between $5K and $16K.


"Is the return prepared by a CPA, or by an Accountant or Bookkeeper?"

If you need heart surgery, you don’t go to a general practitioner, you go to a specialist. Jorns are THE specialists on ERC. Check out some of our testimonials at: 


"Do you provide E&O (Errors and Omissions) Insurance for each claim?"

If they don’t, why not? Jorns gives the clients a $1,000,000 E&O insurance policy.


"Do you provide a five-year audit assistance for each client?"

87,000 new IRS employees are scheduled to hit the streets in the next few years. You need to know that you’ll be able to sleep well at night. Trust Jorns to do your ERC refunds.


"How long have you known about the ERC?"

If they’ve been your advisor for any period of time, it might be worth asking, “Why didn’t you mention it before now?” Of course many accounts will want to get in on this ERC action, especially now that you're bringing it up. Again, you want an expert when it comes to getting your ERC refunds, so you can maximize it. Jorns even uses a proprietary software that eliminates human error and helps squeeze every possible dime out of what you have coming.


Additional questions:


  • How long does it take you to complete an ERC return for a company of my size?

  • Is each ERC return reviewed and signed by one or more CPAs?

  • Do you use specialized software to prepare and file the ERC return?


The fact is... that most CPAs, accountants and bookkeepers are not as well-informed as they should be about the ERC and many simply don’t want to do them because they can be very time-consuming. There’s also a level of liability for the preparer if the return is not done properly.


For that reason, I recommend that you use a specialty CPA firm like Jorns (the leader), that is highly experienced with ERC returns. 


Heading 1

Compensation Plan (in 8 Minutes)
*PDF of Compensation Plan... is in your back office at: 

NOW is Our Time!!  Don't Wait.  Decide NOW to Take ALL OUT MASSIVE ACTION!! 


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